Mohmand - District Education Officer (DEO) Jadi Khan Khalil has said that the District Education Department has released Rs. 157.28 million for Parents Teachers Councils (PTCs) of different schools.

In a statement issued here yesterday, he said that out of this amount, drinking water will be provided in 262 schools at a cost of Rs 52.4 million, while the boundary walls of 82 schools will be constructed at a cost of Rs. 98.4 million in the tribal district.

Similarly, sports equipment will also be provided to children in 54 schools at a cost of Rs. 64.8 million in the district, he added.

The DEO also said that the amount will be utilized through the PTCs for which 537 councils have already been formed in Mohmand district.

He added that even before this, Mohmand District Education Department had released a total of Rs. 55.88 million.

According to the DEO, in addition to this, millions of rupees are being spent on furniture, tots, school bags, science and IT labs, solarization of schools in the district.