Islamabad-Stacey Solomon managed to get dressed recently- taking to Instagram to mark the occasion.

The mum-of-three, 30, has been documenting her life in lockdown over the past two months, normally seen in her pyjamas.But she proudly showed off her dressed look as she snapped a selfie in the mirror in a flowing green sun-dress, with ruffles and puffed sleeves.

She wore her chestnut locks, straight and feathered, loosely around her shoulders for the photo, as she stood barefoot on the tiled floor in front of the mirror.She captioned the image with a check-list, ticking off that she got dressed, filled up the paddling pool and was making tea and toast. Her boyfriend Joe Swash had her in stitches on Sunday after he compared her to a ‘sexy’ Afghan hound.

The reality star’s children had slept in for a rare change, giving her some time to wash and blow-dry her hair for the first time in a week. Taking to Instagram stories to explain how thrilled she was to have this time to herself, Stacey was most amused by Joe’s comparison.