US President Donald Trump said that he is instructing federal agencies to remove unnecessary regulations impeding the recovery of the country’s economy after the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“I will sign an executive order instructing federal agencies to use any and all authority to waive, suspend and eliminate unnecessary regulations that impede economic recovery,” Trump announced at the cabinet meeting on Tuesday. “And we want to leave it that way.”

He signed it several minutes later.

“So good luck. I am signing this and it gives you tremendous power to cut regulation,” Trump told his ministers.

He urged them to “do it right, do it proper, make sure everything is safe and environmentally good.”

In the executive order issued by the White House later in the day, Trump says the US has seen more than 36 million new unemployment insurance claims, so the government needs to provide "flexibility regarding burdensome requirements that stood in the way of implementing the most effective strategies to stop the virus's spread."

Trump also emphasized the importance of helping small businesses.

"They should also give businesses, especially small businesses, the confidence they need to re-open by providing guidance on what the law requires; by recognizing the efforts of businesses to comply with often-complex regulations in complicated and swiftly changing circumstances; and by committing to fairness in administrative enforcement and adjudication," the order says.