IT was indeed a proud moment for those who have struggled for the revival of the rule of law in this country to see the President of the New York City Bar Association, the world's largest lawyers' body, confer on deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, the Bar's honorary membership on Tuesday. It should also serve as an eye opener for the current democratic dispensation that disregarded the public calls for restoring the CJ who was illegally removed from his position because he stood up to the dictator rather than complying with his unlawful command. It should also be an eye opener for the PPP leadership that failed to give due honour to a person who has emerged as a symbol of the rule of law and is widely respected both at home and abroad for his prolonged struggle for the independence of judiciary. Justice Chaudhry in his address on the occasion praised the people of Pakistan for their effort to rid the country of the lingering shadows of dictatorship and tyranny. Those who do not tire of championing the cause of democracy must listen to him when he says "there can be no democracy without law."