Stories of crime in Karachi being reported by the media are quite horrible even though one doesn't know how much of being reported is true? Keeping in view the abysmal conditions here, the possibility of such acts cannot be totally ignored. Karachi is crime-ridden, no doubt. Only recently, three of my colleagues became victims. They say every third person of Karachi has faced a robbery or petty crime by now. But strangely enough, the authorities are totally silent about this crime wave. I say if everything is hunky-dory and the mayor of Karachi is a deserved recipient of the award for being the second best mayor of the world, why is his city teeming with crime? When people give vent to their anger against crime by a show of violence, our newspapers and TV channels start condemning this sort of public reaction. What do they expect from people who bear the brunt of this? I don't know why Karachi citizens have not yet become psycho patients.-SAYEF HUSSAIN, Karachi, November 18.