Reference Rs 500 billion corruption committed (Nov 18), I beg to differ with Transparency International Pakistan that Terrorism is the direct outcome of poverty, caused only due to corruption. Unless we look at this malady holistically and consider our system of providing justice, our methods of investigation, the conflict between the Anglo-Saxon law and the Islamic, the pervasive influence of unrestricted global capitalism, the international control of media and other such, we would be treating the symptoms, not the disease. Further, for any approach to be of any consequence, it must essentially be more preventive and less punishing. Currently it is mostly curative/penal which, if it does succeed, nabs the individual and does nothing to improve the systemic performance -a requirement of all good governance. It is clear any number of Supreme Court suo mottos would at best be limited to providing relief to a few and do nothing to hold those accountable for improving their organization governance. Unless we bring accountability of the executive within it, no preventive measures would suffice given our history of 62 years and the type of mind set that has been created as a result. Why dont we consider our heritage that teaches us that inexpensive justice is equitable and moral and follows directly from the example set by the leader. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) did so in judging cases as did the rightly guided Caliphs. After them, the Umayyad Caliph Abdul Malik Bin Marwan actually institutionalized the Complaint Courts (Nazar fil Mazalim). Even the Moghuls stuck to this as is evident from the fact that Emperor Jehangirs first act on assumption of throne was to hang a chain of justice outside his palace door. Fortunately Article 216 of our interim constitution of 1972 makes provision for such an Islamic system of Administrative (Complaint) Courts. However, Article 212 of our current constitution has demolished this approach. Can we not learn why what happened in Swat came about, in large measure, because justice delayed is justice denied. -MASOOD HASAN, Lahore, November 19.