FOR some time now the government has publicly been conceding that India has been meddling in Balochistan by aiding the militants and providing weapons and succour to them both in Pakistan and outside. In addition, Indian arms have been recovered from South Waziristan also, linking India to the militancy there as well. Now Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has also accused India of having a role in the unrest not only in Balochistan but also in Waziristan. Shahbaz Sharif has also criticised India for hurling accusations against Pakistan without supplying concrete evidence. Given the mounting outcry against India and the growing proof in terms of weapons taken from militants, it is perplexing to see the government not moving on that count. There has been a longstanding suspicion in Pakistan that foreign elements and powers were aiding and abetting the extremists in Pakistan, especially in terms of supplying material and sophisticated weapons. Now the finger is pointing clearly in the direction of India and through it to Israel also in terms of weapons. Why has the issue not been raised in international fora like the UN and bilaterally in the capitals where our ambassadors are meant to be doing exactly this kind of activity - exposing Indias role in terrorism in Pakistan. Given how the Indians are still continuing their aggressive diplomatic Mumbai offensive against Pakistan across the globe, it is absurd for Pakistan not to expose the real face of India. Equally important, why are we not raising this issue with the US, given that it is effectively in charge in Afghanistan - as much as any power is in that insurgency-rent and foreign occupied country. There is nothing hidden about the Indo-US strategic partnership and the desire of the US to allow India a greater role in Afghanistan. So Pakistan needs to ask its ally hard questions including whether the US really seeks the elimination of militancy in FATA and Balochistan. There already exist doubts over the real US intent after they chose to vacate their border posts on the Afghan side of the border just as the Pakistan army was moving into South Waziristan. However, at the end of the day foreign powers are able to interfere in our sensitive areas because we provide them that space. The best way to deny space to foreign meddling and to foreign powers trying to start and sustain low intensity operations is to assert the writ of the state effectively. That requires good governance, which presently is missing across the land. Chief Minister Punjab has hit the nail on the head in terms of identifying Indias nefarious role in Pakistans unrest. Now he must ensure that his province does not fall prey to this external meddling. Let him provide the much-needed effective governance and grass-roots justice so that space denial is effected in the sensitive areas of his province.