PESHAWAR Two suspicious foreigners wandering in guise of journalists and having no required documents were arrested soon after the suicide attack at the Judicial Complex on Thursday. The foreigners, a man and a woman, were soon boarded on a vehicle bearing number UN 173 and were driven towards the US Consulate. A police guard was also seen in alert position inside the vehicle. Earlier, police had also nabbed two foreigners who were wandering in guise of Spanish journalists after the Pashtakhara suicide blast. However, DSP Hayatabad Raheem Shah had got them freed. The DSP could not offer satisfactory answers to the enquiries of the officials of an investigation agency, after which a report had been sought against him. According to a source in another investigation agency, the foreigners seemingly belonged to the US spy agency CIA. It was evident from the fact that two police commandos were escorting them, the source added.