THE proposal floated by the ANP at a Parliamentary Reforms Committees meeting in Islamabad to change the name of the country from Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Peoples Republic of Pakistan is uncalled for and apparently an attempt to divert attention from pressing problems plaguing the country. The MQM and the PPP are both supporting the suggestion. What is at stake right now are bigger issues. We are virtually in the eye of the storm, with both external and internal evils hell-bent on destabilising the country. It is a pity that those who should be busy manoeuvring the country out of this sticky situation are busy trying to figure out what name would suit the country best. True, there is much leeway in democracy to discuss a vast range of issues, but there is, time and place for everything. Right now, the most pressing problems are the power and energy crisis, extremism, poverty, unemployment, and corruption, all of which are being ignored. Secondly, there is no dearth of problems resulting from bad governance. The sugar and wheat crises are a proof of the governments misplaced priorities. By talking of totally irrelevant things, the ANP along with the PPP and the MQM might be thinking of freezing the clock on nagging problems. Yet the real issues cannot be brushed aside. That method had already proven to be a failure during the movement for the restoration of the deposed judges. The ANP in particular should ponder over what it should be doing to protect one of its most important constituencies of Peshawar from the spate of mass-casualty attacks that have become a daily occurrence. With the ruling dispensation turning a blind eye to all that is happening, a perception is bound to evolve that it is alienated from reality. There are interesting parallels between our political bigwigs busy choosing the countrys name and the Lilliputian characters squabbling whether the boiled egg should be cracked from the big end or the small end.