Pakistan peoples party is the only pioneer of democracy in Pakistan. It not only gave democracy to the country but a unanimous constitution too. It is the successive governments of this party that gave all the mega projects to our country, including the mother of all projects, the nuclear program. PPP it was that mobilized the silent majority of Pakistan to take its fate in its own hands. Pakistan has suffered through out its history due to dark shadows of dictatorship lengthening time and again on its polity. Just 11 years after its birth, the first military coup was hatched to snatch the right of choosing their own government from people. During the long dark night that ensued, the PPP launched a campaign against any dictatorship for the first time in the history of this region. When finally successful in 1971, the PPP paved the way for people to participate in government of the state, under the fundamental principle of democracy that they should have a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto emerged with the power of ballot as the first elected Prime Minister of Pakistan and the virtual founder of its democracy. But pro-dictatorship forces colluded with the military and international powers to derail our democracy. PPPs elected government was deposed by a military coup by General Zia-ul-Haq who deposed our first elected Prime Minister, put him behind the bars and then executed him. The PPP, though, made no compromise on democracy and fundamental rights of people. Under its new leader, Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed led the democratic movement for fundamental rights of people and brought back democracy and prosperity to the country in 1988. The military and its puppets again conspired for removing PPP from power to install Nawaz Sharif. In the 90s, these puppets twice violated the constitution and did not let the PPP governments complete their terms. Then yet another military coup on October 12, 1999 placed General Musharraf in power whom the PPP fought for nine years. PPP was the only party which opposed the unconstitutional Musharraf regime while almost all other parties directly or indirectly supported the dictatorship. No Musharraf-bashing was done by them even though his presidency was unconstitutional. But today, a democratically elected President of the country from PPP is being hounded out of Presidency, even though, he has a mandated from his electoral college to rule for five-years. What an irony- DR. SAIFUR REHMAN LUHMS, Jamshoro, November 18.