KARACHI - Muttahida Quami Movement chief Altaf Hussain has categorically said that the poor people will not pay any Flood Surcharge or Reformed General Sales Tax unless the agricultural income of landlords having large serfdoms is brought under tax net and rich and privileged people who avoid taxes are made to pay taxes according to their actual financial assets. Altaf Hussain made this unequivocal statement while addressing a large number of MQM workers, KKF volunteers and office-bearers of various wings of MQM. Poor and middle class people would pay Flood Surcharge and Reformed General Sales Tax for the economic betterment and prosperity of the country only if those who have accumulated assets worth billions of rupees and steal taxes pay their taxes honestly. He questioned the logic of burdening the salaried people with even more taxes while giving concessions to the landlords having big serfdoms. He said that the inflation and prices were increasing with each passing day. Sugar is scarce in the market and people are being advised to stop using sugar. Tomorrow they will ask to stop breathing as well. He said that if the mills of the sugar mafia are impounded and those who had stashed looted wealth in foreign countries and made huge properties, distribute their wealth among the poor only then the public would stop consuming sugar. Altaf Hussain said that it was time that the people of Pakistan start thinking as to how long they would run after those who made the country a begging bowl. He said that if only the people left the political parties that had been tested time and again and raised leadership from within and supported MQM, then together they could break this begging bowl so that none could dictate Pakistan any more.