ISLAMABAD - Co-chairman Pakistan Peoples Party President Asif Ali Zardari has directed the central, provincial and district organisations of the party to hold seminars, workshops and meetings of workers to commemorate the 44th Founding Day of the party falling on Nov. 30. The workers and general public should be informed once again as to why the Party was set up in the first instance by its founding father Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, what sacrifices were rendered by its leaders and workers for the cause of democracy, the distance traversed and what lies ahead at these seminars and meetings, said a directive issued by Political Secretary Fauzia Habib to party co-chairman on Eid day. There is perhaps no other political party in the world, except the PPP, whose two successive chairpersons have laid down their lives for democracy, human rights and emancipation of the downtrodden, the co-chairman of the party said. The founding day is a day to commemorate 'Bhuttoism, he said adding let the younger generation know what Bhuttoism stands for and how best to uphold it. It is also a day to recall the achievements of the PPP during the past four decades as well as an occasion to reiterate our commitment to the principles for the upholding of which the Party was established, it was further stated in the co-chairmans directive. In any age and climate and in any political environment a detached observer of the national scene would be awe struck by these monumental achievements, he said. The founding day should also be used to paying tributes to the party leaders and workers who gave their lives for the cause of democracy and empowering people. Let it also be an occasion to reiterate that the epic struggle for peoples rights will continue with unabated vigour and intensity, the co-chairman told the Party hierarchy. The co-chairman also asked the party leaders to send details of their celebration plans to his political secretary Fauzia Habib.