Interior Minister Rehman Malik would first have to dispassionately see how terrorism became so rife in the country that not a day passes without the curse taking its toll before pointing a finger to any outfit for perpetrating it. He would realise that it is not only the continuation of Musharrafs policy of obeying Washingtons commands in pursuit of its ill-conceived anti-terror thesis, but also the present government going a step further and giving the US a carte blanche to play with our sovereignty the way it deemed fit. Our subservience to the US has become so complete that President Zardari is on record saying that collateral damage (innocent civilian casualties and other losses) by drone attacks might be bothering others, not him Mr Malik also unfairly blames the Taliban, and should know that militancy is not confined to any particular group or religion. Samjhota Express terrorists are now acknowledged to be a serving colonel in the Indian army and Hindu militant cadres, and those committing the atrocities at Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib and the Bagram detention cell are Christians, duly authorised by the top hierarchy of the US administration. At the same time, Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira has sent out a call to all political and religious parties to extend their cooperation in putting an end to terrorism. That view, in fact, accepts the ground reality that the goal cannot be achieved without everyones participation. But the rub lies in the government following a correct course to bring back into the fold of mainstream society those who have turned militants as a result of its wrong policies. Force is counterproductive, as the Americans have learned after having met defeat in Afghanistan and Iraq. It can reinforce the militants resolve to fight back and swell their ranks. A peaceful, conciliatory approach is the right answer. Addressing a gathering of villagers, Mr Kaira also uttered fine words about the need to end the gun culture and forget about old animosities and hatreds where, he felt, vast energies were frittered away. While the urbanites in the country cannot be absolved from this guilt, our rural setting is, indeed, widely known for provoking this wasteful exercise. His remarks, therefore, merit serious attention. He counselled them to channelise these energies to common good. How half-backed hypotheses about the identity of terrorists have become common currency worldwide can be judged from another press report According to a report, the Bangladeshi authorities have handed over three members of Lashkar-i-Taiba to Pakistan after keeping them under custody for a year, without getting any wiser about who actually planned to attack the American and Indian embassies Unless the sponsors of force-based solution correct their focus, find the real culprit and go to the root causes of militancy, it would continue to flourish.