ISLAMABAD - Rejecting allegations of exploiting the consumers, fertilizer companies held the Government responsible for the high prices of commodity, as due to its gas curtailment plan, the production of this sector remains too less than its capacity, which increases fertilizer cost in the country. Due to 20 percent gas curtailment to the fertilizer companies, the production of fertilizer is much affected, which resulted into its higher prices in the country. The prices could further go up in the coming weeks if the Government did not review the gas curtailment plan, otherwise it would import huge quantity of urea, said a representative of a fertilizer company while talking to TheNation on Friday. In order to reduce the soaring fertilizer prices, he said, the government should review the gas curtailment plan, otherwise the country would face severe shortage of fertilizer and it would have to import more than 200,000 tone of it in December. He further informed that we had informed the Federal Minister for Industries and Production that the Government should review the gas curtailment plan otherwise prices could further go up. However, the Minister assured that this proposal would be taken up after Eid holidays, he added. The fertilizer production could remain too less this year than the production of last year due to the said gas curtailment plan. The Government had diverted 20 percent gas from the fertilizer companies to the power plants for power generation to overcome the power crisis. However, this resulted into higher prices of fertilizer, which enhanced to a record level in the country, he added. It is worth mentioning here that the DAP fertilizer have been increased by Rs600 to Rs800 per bag in different parts of the country with start of the wheat sowing season. According to the market sources, the DAP bag was being sold at Rs2,700 just few days earlier and with the start of wheat sowing it has touched the figure of Rs3,300 to Rs 3,500 per bag.