Our Interior Minister Mr Rehman Malik while talking to media persons on the occasion of his visit to the FIA HQ Islamabad on Oct 31, 2010, gave Nov,7 as the dead line for all public institutions to set their house in order and vowed to carry out strict action against corruption and extortion mafia. He also cited recent corruption incidents in Ministry of Ports and Shipping and CDA. Further, he also vowed to begin accountability from his own very home. Mr Rehman who is shown as PhD in criminology on his web site is a very hardworking person and has risen to the present position from a clerk in the same FIA where he was visiting as a minister. It is very creditable achievement. Through his sheer hard work he can be quoted as an ideal example of from rags to riches. He had no assets before joining the service. Now he has a lot of property and assets not only in Pakistan but also abroad. People should follow his example of hard work to rise in career. It is a gigantic task and big order to eliminate corruption from our society where from Patwari upwards in all government departments every one (barring a few exceptions) is involved in illegal gratifications/commissions. Mr Rehman Malik is omni-present and omni-potent for every problem being faced at present by the country. He is in London to meet Altaf Bhai, if MQM shows eyes to the government and diffuses the situation knowing tricks of the trade. In the evening, he is back in Peshawar to meet ANP leadership to follow policy of reconciliation. We the poor masses are looking forward for his actions on accountability from his home and provide us security from militants. The common man is hard hit by inflation and skyrocketing prices of daily use commodities. We wish him all the success with Gods speed, Amen. Muhammad Azhar Khwaja,Lahore, November 19.