KARACHI - Investigators have failed to probe the massive blast of metropolis history claiming 18 lives and wounding over 100 when a mini truck barged into the high security zone and exploded at the complex of Crime Investigation Department. Sources privy to the matter told TheNation said that investigators probe has not gone beyond the explosive laden vehicle which was identified as Shahzor truck uploaded in Sultanabad area adjacent to the blast site. Sources said that available snaps of close circuit cameras did not give the clear picture of the truck driver while investigators are still trying to identify the driver of the truck. Captured pictures revealed that the truck came from Sultanabad area as the pictures captured the view of the truck through the cameras installed at the car showroom situated near Sultanabad. It has also been revealed that terrorists did not attack from three dimensions and they only targeted the main gate of the CID office where they reached at 8:17 pm and managed to barge into the first entry point of the office after an ambush and exploded the truck at the second gate of the office sharp at 8:21. Experts conceived that the blast was carried out by the group of militants affiliated with Lashker-e-Jahngvi (LJ) having ties with Taliban and Al-Qaeda while law enforcement agencies, investigators and intelligences agencies have yet to made any major arrest from the city. Sources while confirmed that security forces have picked up some six suspects from different city areas including Orangi Town, Jamshaid Town and Malir area. One of the suspect picked up by LEA has been identified as Arsalan, resident of Khokhrapar, Malir while the arrest of other suspect is yet to be disclosed. It is pertinent to mention here that recent blast at Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine and at CID office kept the LEA in silent mode and so far no headway has been made, despite the warnings and indications of the blast. Sources pin pointed that there were some sensitive installations named by the intelligence agencies before the blast including the offices of intelligence agencies and said building of CID but agencies remained clueless about the group which carried the blast despite the leakage of the plan. It is worth mentioning here that police experts of terrorism have failed to arrest any of the terrorist involved in the blasts carried out in last many years or after the blast at Nishter Park. The claim of SIU for the arrest of the alleged culprits of Junduallah involved in the Ashura blasts proved false after arrest made by Lahore CID while the last success owned by the Karachi police of Nishter Park was an accidental breakthrough.