KABUL (AFP/Reuters) A NATO soldier was killed on Friday in a bomb attack in southern Afghanistan, the military said. The latest death takes to 654 the number of foreign troops to have died in Afghanistan this year, according to an AFP count based on the independent icasualties.org web site which tracks coalition fatalities and injuries. ISAF earlier announced that two insurgents were killed on Thursday when Afghan and foreign troops targeted a suspected Taliban leader in the Now Zad district of Helmand province, also in the south. A statement called him a senior facilitator of bomb attacks on Afghan and NATO troops, and a key conduit of information and financial support between the Afghan Taliban and their counterparts in neighbouring Pakistan. It was not immediately clear whether the suspected Taliban leader was among the two dead. In the eastern Khost prov-ince, the military also reported the capture of a leader from the hardline, Pakistan-based Haqqani network, also suspected of co-ordinating IED attacks. The military said on Thur-sday allied forces may have killed more than 40 insurgents in a sweep in eastern Afgha-nistan this week. Afghan troops and the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) wrapped up the four-day operation in the Pech River valley of volatile Kunar prov-ince, not far from the Pakistan border, on Thursday, ISAF said in a statement. Reports indicate more than 40 insurgents may have been killed in the security sweep of the area, it said. The raid, called Operation Bulldog Bite, came amid an upsurge in fighting ahead of the two-day summit meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) starting in Lisbon on Friday. The Pech Valley sweep was aimed at rooting out Taliban insurgents and seizing weapons stores in the area about 200 km (125 miles) east of Kabul. Most allied troops in the area are American.