Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Saturday said his government was committed to normalisation of India's relationship with Pakistan but the neighbouring country must control the terror machine. "We are willing to discuss all issues, provided the terror machine is controlled," the prime minister said in response to a question at the Hindustan Times leadership summit. He said South Asia was "a region of enormous capacity" but this cannot become a living reality unless there is peace. Manmohan Singh said India's relations with Southeast Asia had improved significantly and there was considerable strengthening of ties with countries in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait. He said the leaders of all five permanent member countries of the UN Security Council would be visiting India in a year. "Such goodwill it (India) never enjoyed before," he said. He said there was great admiration for India for its diversity, rule of law and fundamental human freedom and high growth rate. "The world wants India to succeed," he said. On the visit of US president Barack Obama from Nov 6-9, the prime minister said it was "a great success".