LAHORE - PML-N spokesman Ahsan Iqbal has said that unprecedented corruption and price-hike have become top concerns of the people, and their sufferings have multiplied after the PPP came to power. The government has relied heavily on borrowing and deficits that have made macro-economic picture very bleak. In a statement here Friday, the PML-N leader further said that Accountability Bill for establishing a transparent accountability system in the country remained blocked, as the government refused to agree to setting up of a truly independent accountability body. The Supreme Court judgments were being flouted in corruption cases, he said, adding that the governments strategy of increasing electricity tariff without plugging leakages and a willful plunder of state-owned enterprises to the tune of over Rs 300 billion through its cronies has placed unbearable burden on the economy. He also said that the tales of corruption scandals were circulating both at home and abroad, which had shaken the confidence of investors. This situation cant be permitted to continue any longer, he held. Ahsan maintained that PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif had given tangible suggestions for checking corruption and improving economic governance in the country. If Zardari regime does not respond favorably, the PMLN will take all necessary steps to check corruption and mis-governance of the government because Pakistan cant be put on sale, he added. The PML-N has shown if government possesses political will, corruption can be checked as no corruption scandal has come against its government in the Punjab in last two and a half years. The PML-N believes that the government must first cut its fat and wasteful expenditure before imposing any new tax because with big holes of corruption whatever will be collected will fall in the hands of corruption mafia. The PML-Ns agenda of self-reliance can solve all problems, he averred. He said, Gen (r) Musharaf by expressing his desire that he would see his opponents thrashed, demonstrates that even out of uniform and office he remains a dictator within. His assertions against Nawaz Sharif carry no value because he enjoyed undiluted powers for eight years and spent billions of rupees on NAB to get Nawaz Sharif convicted on corruption charges but couldnt press even a single charge before court of law. Musharaf is attacking Nawaz and the PML-N because he fears accountability at their hands while he remains quiet on Zardari because there is an NRO understanding between the two, he stated. The PML-N leader said that the former despot had one role to play in future that is to face charges of treason and crimes against people including assassination of Nawab Bugti and students in Lal Masjid. His assertion of talking eye to eye with west is a joke as he was the one who surrendered to stone age threats, which were later contradicted by US officials, Ahsan concluded.