LAHORE The inclusion of all four men of the ruling PPP in the bi-partisan Parliamentary Commission for the appointment of judges, has not only enraged its coalition partners MQM, ANP and JUI(F), but has also led the observers think this party wants to get out of it more than what meets the eyes. The country is up against a serious situation both internally and externally and the PPP move in question obviously has not been taken ignoring all that. As such it is a well calculated move made by the PPP government keeping in mind mood of its coalition partners which they previously shown on the NRO bill and well understanding repetition of the same on its nominees, they view. The opposition parties PML(N) and PML(Q) have named their members with consensus. However, in view of the observers fears persist of changes on the political canvass after PML(N) has decided to renounce the role of 'friendly opposition and oppose the government policies and the PML(Q) is watching its own political interests and the coalition partners of PPP are unhappy for being ignored. The PPP however, is complaisant that it did not do anything unconstitutional by giving representation to its members in all four provinces which would go a long way to consolidate the federation. Former Army Chief and head of Awami Qiyadat Party Mirza Aslam Beg discerned malafide intentions of the PPP government behind the act and said PPP not only wanted to push the persons of its liking through the Commission to judiciary to get the decisions of its choice, but also to get rid of the MQM wooing the PML(Q) to its side and last but not the least to bring about a political change in Punjab. In this situation, the PPP government could take advantage of the two PML(Q) members in the Commission after disillusionment had come to Q-league that PML(N) was, by no means, in a mood to form PMLs unification or unity hence it may be hard for this party to sing in unison with N-league in the Commission, he maintained. Beg said in this situation what the PPP government was doing without taking its coalition partners and the politicians into confidence, may yield a chaos and political instability, which may cost high to the nation. He said he was in a fix to understand why this party was doing all this. Speaking in the context of objections raised by the coalition partners, to the inclusion of all PPP men in the Commission, he said, this very gesture by this principal party in the rule, smacked of its ill-intentions on its part. He said PPP was busy protecting its own interests more than the national ones and induction of its men in the judiciary, was a vital to achieve that end. Whether it was restoration of judges, implementation of the NRO decision, or any other, the ruling party is concerned to safeguard its own interest, he added. If the ruling party continued to take arbitrary decisions, it will eventually lose support of all, begetting confrontation and political anarchy in the country, Beg added. He said it was imperative need of the country that the government remained strong and stable but unfortunately it was the government itself taking steps which may weaken its position in the long run. Former Attorney General and PPP Senator Sardar Latif Khan Khosa justifies all PPP representation in the Commission as constitutional and says, the Opposition divided the members as a natural corollary as one party had majority in the Senate and the other in the National Assembly as such they had no other help. This was not the case with the PPP, therefore, no question of giving representation to any other party, he said adding that PPP acted more democratically by picking up its members from all four provinces and giving seat to a woman. He dispelled the impression that other coalition partners in the government were annoyed with the PPP.