LAHORE - Punjab Police will spend over Rs 48 billion on different development projects and reforms as a result of which the performance of the department will be improved. As per the official document, the amount will be spent on combating terrorism and suicide bombings, drive against hardened criminals, security of key installations, merit-based recruitment, promotion and transfer, new initiatives by traffic police, accessibility to police force and redressal of their grievances, comprehensive CID programme, maintenance of public peace and order, fair and speedy investigation, liaison with judiciary and free and prompt registration of cases. According to the document, the Complaint Management System will be improved in a manner that there will be zero tolerance against violence. Prompt and professional response in calls for service, dissemination of information to public, developing performance indicators and monitoring mechanism, benchmarks, inspection of police stations, performance evaluation, improving police image, change in 'Thana culture, community policing, accountability, improvement of training system, computerisation of data, police records and office management system, logistic steps, welfare and incentives of police service are other areas to be addressed by the relevant authorities. An Additional Inspector General of Police Punjab (Additional IG), requesting anonymity, said a prompt change in police culture was need of the hour. According to the document, Rs 803,965,000 have been allocated for Police Directions, Rs 241,611,000 for Superintendence, Rs 40,001,311,000 for District Police, Rs 343,532,000 for Crime Investigation Department, Rs 1,716,693,000 for Special Branch, Rs 475,351,000 for Elite Police Force, Rs 1,254,689,000 for Police Training Institute, Rs 3,340,998,000 for Punjab Constabulary, Rs 242,150,000 for Police Supplied, Rs 468,763,000 for PQR and Rs 35,000,000 for Works. The total expenditure amounts to Rs 48,924,063,000.