We are witnessing a rapid surge in crime rate in Karachi. Lets be frank on this count. I think that the law and order situation has never been this bad. It is as if there is virtually no rule of law in the commercial hub of the state. Despite the enforcement of section 144 and banning vehicles, the level of violence remains the same. Still cell phones are being snatched in broad daylight. My question is when the government will realize its responsibilities? Unfortunately, the government isnt doing anything to make people safe in this country especially in Karachi. The main cause of lawlessness is that the criminals are not getting proper punishments. Karachi is home to a big population and there wont be a single family in this city which can say that they have not being victimized by the criminals. Every single family or individual somehow has suffered from crime. UMER BIN AJMAL, Karachi, November 16.