LAHORE - Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer Munawar Hasan has stressed upon the masses to resolve to dispense with foreign aid by moulding their life pattern, tightening their belts and changing their priorities. The overall situation in the country calls for a big sacrifice and if the people are ready for this, they should join the JIs decisive sit-in in Islamabad to be held on December 5, to pressurise the rulers to review their anti-people steps, withdraw the recent raise in POL prices, and for the recovery of the missing people, he said in his address at Mansoora Mosque on Eid Day. Munawar said that the international institutions were taking the Pakistani people as deaf and dumb animals, and wanted to establish their writ in this country. Pakistan was being pressurised to raise the prices of electricity, gas, POL products, every day in exchange for loan and the Pakistani rulers readily bowed to these demands. However, he said, if hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Islamabad for protest, the rulers would be forced to review their policies and bring them in line with peoples aspirations. He said that too much propaganda had been made against Islam and the Muslims and, the enemies were showing their malice against Islam by projecting the Muslims as terrorists. An atmosphere had been created in which the word 'Muslim had been made as a curse and unfortunately, the Muslim rulers had also joined this propaganda. The resources of the Muslim world were being used against the Muslims themselves and the armies of 56 Muslim states were fighting against their own people, he said. The JI Ameer further said that the war against terror was not a war of Muslims, but their rulers had involved themselves in it. He said that securing IMF loan implied surrendering ones independence, after which the IMF would decide our political and economic matters.