PESHAWAR - Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani Saturday said that it would be premature to decide the memo issue before the arrival of Pakistani envoy to US Husain Haqqani, but gave the assurance that the matter will be taken to its logical end and the national interest will ensured at all costs. Talking to journalists at the Walima reception of Kamran, a son of Khyber Pakhtunkwa Governor Barrister Masood Kausar, he said Husain Haqqani has been summoned to give an explanation to the countrys leadership. It will be unjust and against the norms of justice to jump to the conclusion without listening to the point of view of the ambassador, he maintained. He said the issue will be resolved as per the pledge made in the parliament. To a question the prime minister said the army and the ISI are national institutions and no patriotic Pakistani can think of pointing fingers at them. We are more patriotic than Opposition. The Army and the ISI are patriotic institutions. These are more patriotic than the Opposition. No Pakistani can think of speaking against these institutions. He said that there is good relation between government and other state institutions and for the first time other institutions have been made accountable to the parliament. He said the military leadership explained certain defence related issues before the parliament for the first time. He asserted that the existing harmony among all the state institutions was unprecedented as the country never witnessed such inter-institutional understanding in the past during any civilian government. The entire nation, he said, was united against the anti-state elements and was ready to protect their national interest. The prime minister said certain people were yearning for change in government through unconstitutional means, would miserably fail, adding the government was strong and stable enough to counter such moves. He said that there is no threat to the government and it will complete its term despite the challenges. He said that government would not accept any unconstitutional step by anyone and there is clear way in constitution which must be followed by those desirous of change in the government. To another question regarding Imran Khans growing popularity and his views on keeping the establishment under his control, Gilani said that time will decide as to who has the support of the establishment and what kind of relation of any partys government is developed with it when they come in power. The Walima reception was attended among others by Punjab Governor Latif Khosa, KP Chief Minister Ameer Haider Hoti, Corps Commander Lt-Gen Asif Yasin Malik, federal and provincial ministers, parliamentarians, leaders of different political parties and dignitaries from different sections of the society.