OUR STAFF REPORTER WAZIRABAD - The Gujranwala RPO has called on police officers to gain expertise in using scientific methods of investigation to administer speedy justice. Addressing a meeting of the District Bar Association here the other day in Wazirabad, Ahmad Mubarik asked police officials to bring a change in their attitude and utilise their knowledge while investigating a case. Police Officers should keep in mind the pros and cons of a report they file. They should prepare themselves to assist the courts to help deliver justice. The RPO further said that it was obligation of the legal fraternity to taking the nation on a right path. He further said that destination could not be achieved after reading a few books but required one to go in depth of knowledge and research. He said that education gave the wisdom to think and understand. The capability of thinking and deliberation were also in the duties of the Muslims, he said. People of other religions in Europe are embracing Islam because they are impressed by its depth and the message of peace and tolerance. He added that intolerance led to bloodshed.