WHY are our buses and trains always full and the roads more clogged than ever? Friday came the answer. New figures prove England is now the most crowded country in the West and sixth most crowed in the world. With 401 people for every square kilometre, it is also more congested than China and India. The research, by pressure group Migration Watch, also reveals we are the sixth most packed full-sized nation on the globe after Bangladesh, Taiwan, South Korea, Lebanon and Rwanda, leaving aside city states and small islands. They say most of the crush is down to the immigration tidal wave over the past 15 years. Their world map above shows countries of dense population bulging. For the first time, Migration Watch have broken down the UKs population growth by each of the individual four home nations. It reveals that England far outstrips the other three as a magnet for immigrants, shooting the country up the worlds population density chart. A total of 6.6million people in England today were born outside the UK, 13 per cent of its population. There are 326,000 foreign-born migrants in Scotland, six per cent of their population. And the figures for Wales and Northern Ireland are even lower at 150,000 and 100,000 respectively. Far bigger countries are much less crowded than England because they have so much more land. Though it boasts 1.2billion inhabitants, sprawling India still only has 373 people living for each sq km. China, which has the worlds biggest population of 1.3billion, has a ratio of 140 per sq km. And the ratio for the sprawling United States is just 32 per sq km, despite its 310million population coming in six times the size of Englands. The tiny Chinese island of Macao is the worlds most crowded place, with a mind-boggling 20,910 folk per sq km. Bangladesh is the fullest proper-sized country, with 1,033 per sq km. Migration Watch chairman Sir Andrew Green said: The immigration lobby like to talk about the UK, obscuring the fact England is six times as crowded as Scotland. The Sun