A 585 pound man walked into the doctors office, and after hearing just 10 words, walked out, on a path to recovery. 'Hi Mr Slack, what would you like in your obituary? Adam Slack of New Jersey recalled hearing from his doctor to ABCs Good Morning America. The father of three complained of dizziness and worried of passing out while his doctor told him he had borderline type-two diabetes, sky-rocketing blood pressure and joint problems. 'I yelled at him told him to leave the room, Mr Slack recalls now with a smile after his doctors bunt response to his poor health. He sat there alone for about two hours, thinking about his family and his reality, before his doctor returned. 'And we sat and talked for about 45 minutes, Mr Slack says. 'If I had one doctor I had 100 doctors telling me to lose weight, Mr Slack explained, reasoning that maybe the bluntness of it did the trick, realizing that his kids may one day, soon, grow up without a father in their lives. Step by step, Mr Slack shed 376 pounds after a so-called 'baby step goal plan in walking one block, to walking two, and so on and so on. But it wasnt just walking that had to change for him. MO