Chief of his own faction Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said no party other than PML-N can claim this kind of mandate. He said that Pakistan is being destroyed for personal interest. Addressing to a public meeting at Dhobi Ghat where PML-N supporters turned up in a huge number, Nawaz said: "The letter written and sent to Mike Mullen with the help of Pakistan Ambassador in US Hussain Haqqani, sought to put Pakistan army under the US control". Pakistan was a hub of progress and forex reserve were building, he said and added that when he saw the country after 12 years Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh have over taken us. Talking about his assets he said that Sharif family have sacrifices all its assets for the country. They call us corrupt but we were rich even before the creation of Pakistan, Nawaz said. Mr Zardari country will not run this way, you are hurting our sovereignty, he said.