SWAT Pakistan Muslim League-Q, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chapter, President Amir Muqam has said that the incumbent government is playing a 'game of cat and mouse and is busy making money through illegal means. He said the rulers had no time to give attention to peoples problems. He was addressing at a mammoth gathering at Balogram here in Swat. Engineer Farooq Khan of PML-N and former nazim Afreen Khan along with their families and workers formally joined the PML-Q on the occasion. Muqam said the 'corrupt leaders were running after portfolios, whereas the poor were becoming poorer day-by-day. He said that the incumbent government was unaware of the common mens hardships, adding that he would not rest until the difficulties of the masses would end. People have seen these politicians by putting masks on their faces and now they are eying at PML-Q. Its evidence is the fact that prominent politicians have joined the party in the recent times, he said. He said the government writ was nonexistent and the country was passing through the worst time of its history. He said it was facing militancy, unconstitutional problems, economic hardships and political instability. He said only the PML-Q could steer it out of these problems. Criticising the policies of ANP-led provincial government, he said the so-called representatives of Pakhtuns were sitting abroad and were busy looting national exchequer. Can they give us any single development project, which can be termed beneficial to the masses in future? Is there any such project coming to fore in their three-and-a-half years regime in the province? he questioned, saying that they had not enough funds to pay monthly salaries of special force police personnel. He urged the government to take notice of the problems of people of district Swat, acknowledging their sacrifices they rendered for restoration of peace.