LAHORE Ulema at Raiwind congregation on Saturday said preaching and propagation of the teachings of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) works as backbone in Islam and those people, who are attached to this noble task, are the most favourite people in the eyes of the Creator of the Universe. Eternal success is impossible without adopting the path of Allah and His beloved Prophet, who is the real benefactor of the entire humankind and the rest of races, they stated. Ironically, no leading political figure participated even on the second day of the worlds second largest Muslim congregation. However, PTI Chairman Imran Khan and PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif are expected to participate in the final prayers on Sunday. The ending prayers of first phase of the religious congregation will be offered on today around 11 am where hundreds of thousands of Muslims are expected to participate other than the actual presence of the participants of the congregation. On Sunday, numerous religious groups would be dispatched in more than 40 countries in first phase of the congregation. Delivering their sermons, Maulana Muhammad Ahmed Bahawalpuri, Maulana Muhammad Jameel, Maulana Saad and Maulana Zaubair-ul-Hassan stressed upon the Muslims to mould their lives in accordance with the teachings of the last Prophet of Almighty Allah. On the doomsday, an Announcer will ask about the positions of intellectuals and people will reply which kind of intellectuals then the announcer will say those, who worshiped their God even while standing, sleeping and walking. Those people, who observed the creation of skies, earths and the movements stars and showed their affections and love to oneness of Almighty Allah, said the veteran religious scholars, adding on the doomsday a flag would be displayed and they would follow that symbol and the Announcer will ask them to enter in Eden and live their eternal life. Quoting a Quranic verse, the scholars said once Almighty Allah advised His beloved Prophet to search those people, who were busy in worshiping their God early in day and late at the evening. The last Prophet sought out such people and saw their hairs were scattered, covered in single piece of cloth and were busy in veneration of God, worshiping and demanding forgiveness to Almighty Allah. After observing this situation, the Prophet of God sat among them and advised them saying all the admirations belong to Almighty Allah and also thanked to God as He provided His Prophet such rare opportunity to sit among such people, they stated. They urged Muslims of the world to follow Islam in true letter and spirit. The scholars further said, O Muslim Bow yourself in front of God, Who has awarded you life, children, business, and other blessings in this world but remember one day we all have to return towards the Great Being so prepare for the day when no recommendation will work except your practical doings. They also urged the participants to repent their past wrongdoings and sins and wholly and solely enter into the circle of Islam as a true Muslim as this is the only way, which leads to God. The religious scholars also asked them to remember death every time while sleeping or awakening and avoid indulging them in any wrongdoing besides realizing that Almighty Allah is seeing them every time. At the end, they advised that the purpose of three, seven, 21 or 40 days adoration is to purge you from evil feelings and other transgressions. We should learn Din-e-Islam and teach others and make path to the eternal life, they said.