Our Staff Reporter KARACHI - Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) shares Holders Association General Secretary Choudary Mazhar Ali has alleged that long loadshedding in Industrial zone is a criminal act of KESC management because it can easily generate enough electricity by using of oil. Mazhar said that cost of electricity generated through oil is much less than the industrial tariff is being charged from the local Industries. He explained that cost of generation through GAS is approximately 3.5 rupees per unit and the cost of power generated by oil comes around eight rupees per unit. The industrial tariff is much higher than the cost of generation through oil as such KESC is not justified to give up generation from oil on the plea that it is costing too much. The excessive loadshedding for the industry, in his opinion was intentionally done to seek support of the business community in order to put pressure on Sui Southern Gas Company to get increase in the Gas supply from them and even without making any payment. The General Secretary said that KESC has obtained Rs 75 billion of loan for establishing Bin Qasim Power house and KTPS Combined Cycle generating unit, He said three power houses and nine grid stations have been pledged for this purpose KTPS was established on 120 Acers of Land where as the Bin Qasim Power house is on 63 Acres of costly land. He said nine grid stations mortgaged are in posh areas like Queens Road Baldia, Kemari and Mauripur and all of these have vast land attached to them. He said presently KESC has to pay Rs 5 billion as mark up every year for the loan of Rs 27 billion from IFC, thirty two billion from ADB and eight billion rupees from the banking consortium. If KESC fails to pay back the loans, properties of the Company will be taken over by the lenders besides all the machinery of power houses.