Amid raging political storm in the country over secret memogate, Defence minister Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar Sunday said the prime minister would be responsible if Pakistani ambassador to US Hussain Haqqani found involve in memo scandal. Talking to media here in Lahore, Mukhtar said that Hussain Haqqani was part of the prime minister team and if the envoy found guilty, the PM house would directly responsible for the conspiracy. He said that investigations were underway to find the fact and action would be taken after investigations added that if Haqqani involved in the conspiracy, the prime minister would decide his future. Mukhtar said Mansoor Ijaz was a conspirator and he had been involved many conspiracies against Pakistan. Defence minister suggested that there was no chance of military coup in the country. On query over Nawaz Sharif allegation on secret agencies for backing particular political party, Mukhtar said ISI and other agencies have nothing to do with the political activities. Blaming agencies for political meddling are not correct news, he said. He said its their right if Nawaz Sharif wants to take secret memo matter to the apex court. Mukhtar said public meetings could not collapse the government adding that Nawaz Sharif can try.