LAHORE - The PML (N) Faisalabad rally today is going to draw fresh outlines on the political landscape of the country as the party was poised to exploit Haqqani memo issue to its maximum not only against the PPP-led government but also its political rivals outside the parliament. President PML(N) Nawaz Sharif was strongly voicing that transaction of Haqqani memo to Mike Mullen to seek the US help against the likely attempt of Pakistan Army to topple Zardari government and getting in return big benefits against Taliban, Haqqani and the ISI. It was a very serious issue deserving probe and report at the earlier most as sovereignty and self respect of the country was at stake. He said if no probe committee was set up within 15 days, then his party would be justified to think that something fishy was behind the scene. Other party stalwarts Ahsan Iqbal and Khawaja Saad Rafique say Nawaz Sharif while addressing the rally was going to make some important decisions and unveil future strategy to remove what the PML(N) terms, the most corrupt government in the history of Pakistan. Ahsan says the content of the memo leads to the Presidents House as an Ambassador cannot dare write such a serious letter on his own without approval of the President. The memo episode had enlivened the PML(N) 'Go Zardari Go campaign which otherwise was made murky by a highly successful rally of the PTI in Lahore. PTI also speaks on Memo issue but not that loudly as the PML(N) was doing and has a ready opportunity in hand to mobile the public opinion on the issue in its favour, first through Faisalabad todays (Sunday) rally and then Gujranwala rally on November 24. Nawaz Sharif after demanding committee probe instead of a commission, Saturday extended another option of converting the whole parliament into an inquiry commission. Legal experts say Constitution doesnt provide for such a commission which otherwise can act under criminal and civil law as well as enjoys powers to call evidence under Qanoone Shahad, which the parliament cannot do. The conversion of the parliament, which primarily was the platform for the debate of the members, into a commission was also not possible and if done, would be stuck up in long for and against speeches leading nowhere to the result. As to the committee, they said, Commission being a statutory body gives recommendation which lead to legal action while that of the committee, they do not have that effect. But the fact was PML(N) intends to build pressure on the government both inside and the outside the Parliament and if this party succeeds in establishing its case on the memo, the experts say, it may not only cause a very serious situation to the PPP but also the coalition partners in the government which at present were quiet and pursuing wait and see policy since the government side had also indicated to hold inquiry into matter. The partners can feel comfort if the buck stops at Hussain Haqqani and is held sole responsible for the memo but they may feel very hard to avert the trouble if facts of the matter spills over to the PPP side, they add. As such the situation was brewing wherein PML(N) can realise its dream of early election through an interim government of neutral persons.