ISLAMABAD - Keeping with his tradition of issuing asinine statements, Interior Minister Rehman Malik made another absurd disclosure on Saturday that as many as 150 parliamentarians and members of provincial assemblies have received threatening messages, calling them to resign from parliament or face fatal consequences. Talking to reporters after attending a ceremony held in connection with Sindh Cultural Day, the interior minister claimed that 150 parliamentarians had recently received anonymous messages, asking them to resign and threatening that they would be killed otherwise. He said the messages were sent through Short Message Service (SMS) to the members of the Senate, National Assembly and provincial assemblies. The revelation, which contexts Maliks endless series unfounded statements that he keeps issuing from time to time, seems nothing more than a political gimmick to divert public attention from other pressing issues as no MP or MPA till date has ever come to media or in public saying that he or she is facing any such threat. Independent observers are seeing it another childish attempt by the minister to fight off the calls from the opposition parties, particularly PML-N and PTI, to the members of the assemblies to resign from their seats as the government has lost its mandate to rule the country due to its utter failure on almost all fronts. Another factor, they say, could be diverting media and public attention away from the memo controversy involving Pakistan ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani because the government is under immense pressure from all quarters. Responding to a question, the interior minister ruled out the registration of an FIR in the memo case, declaring the step to be premature. The minister also told media persons that Cyber Crime Wing of the FIA has arrested two accused from Larkana, Sindh. The preliminary investigations show that the culprits misused the identity cards of the arrested persons, Malik said as he expressed his wonder as to how the culprits managed to get the contact numbers of the VIPs. He said that Cyber Crime Wing was conducting further investigations in the matter. To a questions regarding issuance of red arrest warrant in Benazir Bhutto and Akbar Bugti murder cases, he said the quarters concerned have been directed to contact Interpol to comply with the court orders. He claimed to have 'solid proof and knowledge of the place where Benazir murder plan was devised and that he could expose the conspiracy hatched to assassinate former PPP chairperson if and when his party decided to do so. Malik said almost all the legal formalities have been finalised for sending a judicial commission to India for probing the Mumbai attacks and Pakistan was waiting for Indian reply to identify the place where the proceedings of the judicial commission would be held. He asserted that the commission would leave for India within a week after the government receives the awaited letter.