LAHORE The Supreme Court of Pakistan has been urged through a petition seeking formation of judicial commission to probe into memo allegedly written by President Asif Ali Zardari to former US military chief Mike Mullen for help against Pakistani armed forces. Barrister Zafar-ul-Allah and Hashim Shaukat Khan filed the petition. The petitioner submitted that Mullen and Ijaz, who allegedly delivered the presidents written message through Pakistan ambassador to US Husain Haqani, should be restrained to enter in Pakistan after declaring them as most hated personalities. The petitioner has made federation of Pakistan, ministry of foreign affairs, ministry of law, justice and human rights, ministry of interior and Mr Haqani as respondents. The petitioner stated that the conspiracy theory originated by Americans, Mullan and Ijaz, admittedly was against interest of Pakistan. aThe petition added that Mansoor is deceitful person who was acting as agent of American government. It said this memo was an attempt to create tension among different institutions of Pakistan. The memo had tried to defame Pakistans institutions. The petitioner pleaded to get investigated the whole issue through judiciary.