ISLAMABAD - The daylong Swiss Food Festival organised by Embassy of Switzerland attracted a mixed crowd comprising Pakistani families, diplomatic community and foreigners living in the federal capital. The event provided a unique opportunity to Pakistanis to interact with Swiss people and get a true taste of their hospitality. Hundreds of participants including Swiss community living in Pakistan, people from Pakistans business community, govnt officials, academics and a large number of foreign visitors attended the colorful show. Popular brands of Switzerland having outlets in Pakistan setup their stalls of food items and exotic delicacies including Raclette (a melted cheese dish from Alpine Valleys), Bratwurste (traditional grilled sausages), Bunderfleish (dried meat from the Grisons), Baselbieter Rahmtafeli (caramel toffees), Swiss Chocolates and other Swiss specialties. Other Swiss products on display included Swiss army knives, watches and other typical items as Souvenirs. During a press briefing, the Ambassador of Switzerland Christoph Bubb said, The wide range of swiss products and traditional food to taste is an attempt to showcase the diversity of Swiss cuisine and richness of Swiss culture to Pakistani people. The festival offers a unique platform for Pakistanis and expatriates to meet and learn about each others tradition and get a chance to know some of the Swiss development projects in Pakistan, he said. The Ambassador said that Switzerland is the 6th largest investor in Pakistan and its investors term the Pakistani market as a good place to invest while issues like power crisis, security issues and safe environment are still the matters of concern for them. In addition to tasting Swiss delicacies and buying Swiss products, the event also exhibited a photo exhibition from the Swat View Photo Project. The unique photos representing daily life in Swat were taken by the inhabitants themselves, without prior experience of handling a camera. The proceeds from the Swiss Food Festival will be donated to St Joseph Hospice in Rawalpindi.