Zulfiqar Mirza has admitted on live television that hesecured a loan in violation of rules from a bank, on the basis of political influence to set up a sugar mill which he owns. Credit must be given to him for at least accepting that he has committed a wrong. The same unfortunately cannot be said about others, who claim to be clean and virtuous and act to be holier than the pope. A loan taken from any bank without equity is in violation of rules and as such an irregularity. Such loans have been given in the past and continue to be given and in most cases they end up in default. This started in 60s when Ayub Khan abused his authority so that Habibullah could secure a loan without sufficient equity to purchase Gandhara industries. Before this we had a whole new class of nouveau rich who filed false claims to acquire evacuee property worth billions. Families who did not own a house before partition, strangely ended up getting allotted in their name expensive real estateand agricultural lands through manipulation. With their newly acquired wealth they than proceeded to procure political power and nurtured a culture in this country, where corruption thrived without any fear of accountability. Financial crimes and bribery are now considered perks of political power, or the right of those holding public offices, including the paid servants of state. They say that behind every such success story, where individuals overnight in a matter of few years go from rags to riches there is small crime. Unfortunately in the case of Pakistan such irregularities have become a norm andare nowregularised through abuse of power by those who are paid, or elected to serve as custodians of constitution and our national exchequer.State and evacuee property are considered kosher for occupation by those wielding power. Our national securityis jeopardised from within by those with an insatiable greedfor quick bucks and affluent traders who do not pay taxes. Flight of capital is facilitated by those who in spite of holding dual nationalities continue to hold public offices in Pakistan andwhose policies decide the fate of a country where they haveno stakes, nor any commitment. Without rule of law and accountability, Pakistan cannot develop. We either enforce rule of law, or slide to become another Somalia or Afghanistan. Malik Tariq Ali, Lahore, November 18.