MNA Daniyal Aziz claimed that finding a solution to the growers’ prolonged problems was the top priority of the government.

Talking to the different delegations of party workers and farmers at his residence at Shakargarh, Aziz said that the dream of economic development and stability could never become true without the development of agriculture sector.

He said the prosperity of Pakistan was closely linked with the prosperity of the farmers. He said that the Kisaan Package was an unprecedented financial support to the farmers, adding that they played a key role in strengthening the national economy. He said those opposing the PM’s Kissan Package are the enemy of farmers. He added that the government was fully aware of problems of the farmers.

He said that the package would also give a boost to the national agro based economy besides helping a lot to pull the farmers’ community out of the prevailing financial crisis. “No government has ever announced such a huge package for farmers in the history of Pakistan,” he added.

He narrated that despite the “negative” propaganda of its political opponents the PML-N government was successfully delivering and was moving on the right lines and directions towards the goal of national economical and political stability. He said that the government was coming up to expectations of the masses.

He said that the relief package has been designed in four parts, with the first part being direct financial cooperation for farmers, second being relief in agricultural costs, third being provision of agricultural loans and fourth being facilitating the process of obtaining loans.

Under the package, small rice farmers would be provided Rs5, 000 per acre cash support. The cash assistance of Rs5,000 has been announced for cotton growers as well, he added.

A reduction in the prices of fertilisers has also been announced under the Kissan Package, he said, and narrated that Rs341 billion relief package for small farmers including direct cash support and provision of soft agriculture loans.

He said the package was aimed at introducing progressive agriculture on scientific lines, reducing production cost of crops and making the small farmers prosperous. He said the country’s development was directly related to the uplift of its agriculture sector, particularly farmers.

He said under the package, small farmers would get Rs147 billion as direct benefit while Rs 194 billion had been allocated for agriculture loans. He said that the government had already set up a Rs20 billion fund to reduce prices of fertilisers which will lessen Rs500 per bag of Potassium and Nitrate fertilisers. Also, the government was negotiating with local fertilisers manufacturers and gas companies to revert the increase in prices which had gone up by Rs 200 per bag.

The Punjab government would distribute Rs923.8 million to Narowal district’s 43,000 farmers under the Kisaan Package, he added.