ISLAMABAD: Four day campaign to administer polio drops to the children under the age of five year in Islamabad concluded.

Directorate of Health Services of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) administered polio drops to 126,500 children in the Capital city.

Chairman CDA, Maroof Afzal while appreciating the campaign said that it is our national responsibility to fight this war against polio and CDA is making coordinated efforts with a lead role by the Directorate of Health Services to make this campaign a success. All the relevant departments of the Authority put in their extra efforts in this campaign that is why no case of polio has been reported in Islamabad since last many years.

Member Administration, Amer Ali Ahmed apprised the Chairman CDA that the target set for this campaign was to administer polio drops to 129,872 children and have achieved the target of 126,500, which is a laudable effort.

He apprised that for this four day campaign, Directorate of Health Services constituted 548 teams, out of which 414 teams visited every household of the capital city to administer polio drops.

Whereas 91 permanent stations were established where the polio teams administered polio drops to the children. In addition to this, 43 teams visited different transport stations for this purpose. There were 91 monitoring teams and 16 zonal incharge to supervise the polio campaign in different areas of the capital city on daily basis and reported the targets achieved to the Directorate of Health Services.

He said that in addition to the polio campaign, samples are collected from the water in different areas of the city so that polio virus can be eradicated at its emergence point. He apprised the Chairman CDA that there was not single case of polio virus reported in the samples collected from different spots.

Chairman CDA, Maroof Afzal assured that CDA is committed for a coordinated campaign against polio in the city and all possible resources would be utilized to fight this menace.