LAHORE - Jamaat-e-Islami chief Senator Sirajul Haq has appealed to the nation to observe Youme Dua (Prayers Day) in favour of the Islamists being victimised by the pro-India government in Bangladesh in the name of war crimes. He has called upon the United Nations to raise voice against state oppression in Bangladesh and stop the massacre of innocent people.

In a statement issued on Thursday, he said that the Dhaka government headed by Hasina Wajid was victimising all those resisting Indian influence in BD. It was a paradox, he said, that Dhaka was treating all those who advocated independence and sovereignty for Bangladesh as its enemies.

The JI chief appealed the people to pray for the safety of JI Bangladesh leader Ali Ahsan Mujahid and Salahud Din Qadir Chaudhry who had been sentenced to death by the so called war crimes tribunal and the BD Supreme Court had upheld the tribunal decision.

He urged the Khatibs and the Ulema to raise their voice against the injustice of the Dhakka regime in their Friday addresses tomorrow.