Recently former Indian Foreign Minister Salma Khurshid was warmly welcomed, listened and appreciated in Pakistan, especially in Islamabad. His views were respected despite of the fact that he was a staunch opponent of Pakistani policies during his days of the top slot in the Indian foreign office. He openly said he was impressed by the hospitality of Pakistanis particularly of the Jinnah Institute, his host in the federal metropolis.

This reminds us of what happened with our former Foreign Minister Khurshid Qasuri in New Delhi. He was badly misbehaved while face of his host was painted black by extremists.

Difference between Islamabad and Delhi is quite evident. India is a secular country and Pakistan is an Islamic country. Islam is nowadays projected as extremism but both the events give a contrary perception. But there is a silver line at the end of the tunnel. BJP was defeated in Behar elections quite recently. It is now a clear message for those who are defacing Secular face of India. Pakistanis should continue their march towards following true spirit of Islam-a religion of peace.


Islamabad, November 13.