ISLAMABAD:  Pakistan is not resorting to cellular interference in Jammu and Kashmir, but in fact it is trying to resolve the issue.

According to a Pakistan Telecommunication Authority top official, the issue of spill over signal is across the border and both the countries are facing interference.

“We have several emails to TRAI(telecom Regulatory Authority of India) about interference from Indian operators in Pakistan” said PTA official.

Indian media flashed the issue recently, after Anil Gupta, Regional Business Head of Aircel-Northern Zone alleged that Pakistan is resorting to cellular interference in Jammu and Kashmir by increasing frequency of the bandwidth allotted to the telecom companies, which is affecting the local services in the border areas of Jammu region. 

He said the interference is highest in border villages and urban areas of Samba and Rajouri districts.

He said subscribers of these areas were regularly complaining about poor mobile and internet services.

“The problem is not alone with the Aircel but with all the cellular companies operating in Jammu and Kashmir and through a joint representation, a  complaint has been filed in this context with the DoT, Government of India”, Gupta said.

In an apparent bias against Pakistan Gupta further alleged Pakistan was trying to increase its influence by sending strong signals in border area.

 “Pakistan, in an attempt to increase its area of influence in Jammu and Kashmir has been trying to clash its bandwidth with Indian Cellular companies on the borders of Jammu region”, Indian media quoted Gupta.

But Pakistani officials claim that the delay is from Indian side.  “We have been communicating with Indian authorities to solve the issue. During recent world conference held in Geneva, in sideline meetings we initiated the issue with Indian delegation, but we are still waiting for any reply from Indian side, top PTA official said.