Police have failed to recover 536 ballot papers that were stolen from Ward 5 of Municipal Committee Vehari on October 31, 2015.

Returning officer Mian Azhar had filed an FIR with Danewal police station about the theft of the ballot papers against the unknown thieves. These ballot papers were stolen on October 31, 2015 but the presiding officer informed him on November 2, 2015 is was the violation of election rules and negligence of the presiding officer Muhammad Latif, the RO said.

In FIR, the returning officer urged to take action against the presiding officer according to law because the protection of the ballot papers was the responsibility of the said presiding officer. According to the FIR, the stolen ballot papers’ detail as under: Book 13(1274 to 1300), Book14 (1354 to 1400), Book 16 (1,517 to 1600), Book 15 (1423 to 1500), Book 11, 18 and 19 (1,601 to 1,900).

The presiding officer was of the view that election process was held in peaceful manner and after the announcement of election result extra ballot papers were kept by him under a table in an envelope. He added that some irrelevant persons without permission entered the polling station and stole hat ballot papers. Investigation Officer Javed ASI said that no person has been arrested so far.

DEFECTION: Malik Jamshed Ahmed, PPP leader from PP-276 Chanigoth, Uch Sharif, has joined Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf. He called on former MNA and PTI leader Arif Aziz Sheikh at his Chanigoth residence and announced his decision to part his ways with the Pakistan People’s Party.

Jamshed expressed his full confidence in the leadership of PTI Chairman Imran Khan and vowed to support the PTI candidates contesting in the local bodies polls in PP-267. He paid rich tributes to Aziz Sheikh for his services which he had rendered for the uplift of NA-183 Ahmedpur East during his tenure.