Karachi: A plan for attacking numerous polling stations in Sindh province during the second phase of Local Government (LG) elections was foiled Thursday night, as Rangers clashed with the two target killers with the nefarious intentions and killed them. The clash between the Rangers and gang war operatives occurred in Lyari area.

According to the Rangers Spokesperson, the exterminated suspects Amjad alias Mirchi and Iqbal alias Kana were involved in cases of murder, extortion and kidnapping for ransom. Ammunition has been recovered from the possession of the neutralized suspects.

Meanwhile, Crime Branch Police conducted a raid in SITE area and arrested three suspects. According to Senior Superintentdent (SSP) Crime Branch One Akram Aburoo, the arrested suspects belong to Sheraz Comrade Group of the Lyari gangwar. The arrested suspects have been identified as Walayat Khan, Tariq and Faisal, all three of whom have been implicated in various cases of street crime. Ammunition has also been recovered from their possession.