Lahore - Rising population graph can give birth to severe food security challenges in near future therefore we have to build Kalabagh dam at any cost as it would bring huge part of land under cultivation which is currently lying idle due to lack of water.

In a statement issued here, the LCCI President Sheikh Muhammad Arshad, Senior Vice President Almas Hyder and Vice President Nasir Saeed said that it is a matter of concern that almost 9 million hectors of fertile land is not being cultivated due to unavailability of water. They said that Pakistan needs grow to feed its population and only solution of this challenge is Kalabagh dam.

They suggested to the governments not to take any pressure on Kalabagh Dam as people talking against this mega project are not well wishers of the Pakistan and actually are interpreting the sentiments of anti-Pakistan elements.

They said that being an agrarian economy, Pakistan cannot afford to waste huge amount of water resources which are depleting fast. Shortage of water has not only caused undue damage to the agriculture sector but the manufacturing sector as well.

The LCCI President Sheikh Muhammad Arshad said that the nation cannot waste any more time therefore the government should pave way for early construction of Kalabagh dam which is the only solution of water and electricity shortage.

He said that our economy is based on agriculture sector which cannot survive without sufficient water resources. He said that we are already suffering and further delay in the construction of Kalabagh dam would hit us hard.

He said that it is a good omen that some political elements have started realizing the importance of this mega project that would certainly pave way for its early construction.

“Kalabagh Dam issue has been so much politicized that a consensus seems difficult therefore the government would have to take decision.”

The LCCI President said that melting of glaciers are eye opener as sword of floods is hanging on our heads.

“An opinion gained widespread support across the country that the losses of recent floods in Pakistan which are estimated to be billion dollars could have been reduced if big dams and water reservoirs were in place”, Sheikh Muhammad Arshad added.

The LCCI President said that Kalabagh dam is the most suitable project for the national economy as it would not only produce cheap and sufficient electricity but would also avert the devastation caused by the floods.