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Three persons were killed and dozens injured in clashes and scuffles among workers and supporters of political parties and independent candidates during polling for the second phase of LB elections on Thursday.

The police also arrested dozens of activists and supporters of political parties for creating disturbance and violating election code of conduct in different districts. In Sheikhupura, two persons - uncle and nephew - were killed and dozens others sustained injuries in scuffles in different areas during polling for the second phase local bodies elections in district on Thursday.

The killings are reported in village Nangal Sadhan near Muridke in UC-15. Bashir and his nephew Sohail were supporting different parties’ candidates and the later tried to peruse his uncle to cast his vote in favour of the candidate of his choice (PML-N). But the uncle refused to do so which infuriated Sohail who, in a fit of rage, fired gunshots, killing his uncle instantly.

Later, he also shot himself dead with the same pistol. The Muridke Saddr Police, however, described the incident as the result of a monetary dispute between the man and his nephew. The neighbours told a different story and attributed the incident to “honour killing.”

In UC 42 near Sharqpur, presiding officer Javed was caught red handed, taking polling material to his home by the Sharqpur AC. However, when contacted, Presiding Officer Javed accepted he was taking and not stealing the election material and stationery to home. “There was no security and safety at my polling station and therefore I took the polling material,” he explained.

In UC-25 Kot Pindi Daas, 25 people including women voters and supporters suffered bullet injuries, four of them critical, when supporters of two rival candidates opened fire on each other. The police contingent reached the spot and arrested 10 people. Later, the polling was postponed in the UC due to violence and disturbance. In Khanqah Dogran town committee, one woman was arrested on the charge of casting vote for a dead woman. The police registered a case against the woman.

In Safdarabad, four persons were injured when activists of PTI and PML-N scuffled, using wooden sticks and iron rods. The police have arrested seven persons for creating scene at the site.

Although the district administration made foolproof security arrangements, there were a number of incidents of violence, scuffles and irregularities in different areas of the district. The polling staff was surprised to know that the Education Department had assigned their duty at three different polling stations wrongly.

When contacted, the spokesperson for the District Election Commission office, said that the duty assignment was the responsibility of the Education Department and that they have nothing to do with it. EDO Education Mr Mateen, however, said it was their first experience that’s why there were some mistakes were not ruled out.

On 99 union councils of the district there were more than 1000 candidates for the chairman and vice chairman slot. Similarly 154 wards of the municipal committees in the district more than 1500 candidates of general councillors were in the election run.

In UC-17 Muridke, unidentified persons barged into a women polling station, they made the polling staff hostage and made off with ballot boxes in the presence of police. Ironically, the policemen did nothing to stop the accused or avert the incident.

More than 5,000 strong personnel of the law enforcement agencies were deployed to maintain law and order in the district while Army and Rangers remained standby to respond to any contingency.


In Mandi Bahauddin, one person was killed and 15 injured in clashes and scuffles among workers and supporters of different political parties. The person died during a clash between two rival groups of the PML-N after the end of polling.

Over polling for the second phase of the LB election remained peaceful. The polling started at 7am and continued till 5:30pm. The district administration and police made elaborated arrangements for maintenance of law and order as well as smooth conduct of elections. Section 144 was imposed in the district. Out of the total 554 polling stations, 35 polling stations had been declared as highly sensitive, 212 as sensitive while remaining 301 were normal. Besides police, three army companies remained standby to meet any untoward incident. Over all election process went on smoothly. However clashes of minor nature did take place over casting allegedly fake votes. Such incident took place when two groups clashed at polling station in Wasu UC over casting fake vote. Police called in Army personnel who immediately brought the situation under control. The PPP candidate, however, alleged that police inspector had manhandled him.

Similar, an incident took place in Ward no 7 of MC Mandi Bahauddin where PTI and independent candidate supporters clashed with each other over casting fake vote by PTI supporters. Police timely action cooled down the rivals and polling continued undisturbed. A clash between the PML-N and PTI supporters was also reported from Rasul Union Council. Minor quarrels were also reported from Raika and Rakh Bloch union councils. This scribe also visited some polling stations in suburban villages of Mandi and observed smooth conduct of elections. Counting of votes was in progress when this report was being filed.

In Gujranwala, despite the deployment of Rangers and Army, the polling for the second phase of the LB elections was marred by clashes among supporters and workers of rival parties. The police also recovered arms including a Kalashnikov, one G3 rifle, 10 magazines, 100 rounds and 25 sticks from two vehicles in the Civil Lines area and arrested two persons identified as Faisal and Hameed.

In tehsil Nowshera Virkan, firing incident was occurred at residence of State Minister Usman Ibrahim but no causality was reported. While in Union Council No-52 Garjakh, a clash was occurred between the workers of PTI and PML-N. Resultantly, leg of a PTI worker namely Abbas Gujjar was broken. Many petty clashes also took place in different union councils however, but no casualty has been reported. Besides the minor scuffle, over the polling process remained mostly peaceful till filing up this report. Police have arrested five persons including a proclaimed offender from different areas during the polling.


In Sahiwal, the police arrested 16 persons for violating the elections rules and regulations. They included five workers of the PML-N, two PTI and eight supporters of an independent candidate.

The police also arrested police constable Sarfraz Ahmed and three other persons on charges of casting vote for independent candidate Shamshad Gujjar at a polling station in Chak 61/5L.

The Ghala Mandi Police arrested two members of PTI for creating violence at a polling station in Union Council no 7 in Inayat Colony. The Fateh Sher Police arrested two supporters of an independent candidate at Chaman Zaar polling station. The Chichawatni Saddr Police arrested five members of PML-N on similar charges while the Chichawatni City arrested three supporters of an Independent candidate and a rickshaw driver in Ward No-2 for creating disturbance.

On the other hand, a PML-N activist shot at and injured a PTI candidate for general councillor slot Waseem Qamar at a polling station in Chak 118/11L UC NO-56. He was admitted to DHQ Hospital while the police arrested four persons for the incident. Meanwhile, election was delayed due to printing of wrong electoral symbol of the PML-N candidate in Ward No-1 in UC No-1. While election in Ward No-6 was also delayed due to printing of wrong symbol of arrow instead of lion of candidate Tariq in Ward No-6 in Union Council No-42.



In Chiniot, counting of ballots continued after completion of voting for the second phase of LB elections in district Chiniot. There were a total of 571 polling stations established for 654,141 votes including the women. Chiniot is divided into four Municipal Committees - Chiniot, Bhowana, Chenabnagar and Lalian while rural areas of district were divided into 39 union councils. There were quarrels and minor clashes reported at various polling stations. However, no major incident has been reported from any party of the district.

Faisalabad Division Commissioner Naseem Nawaz and RPO Ehsan Tufail visited Chiniot and inspected various polling stations. District Returning Officer Iftekhar Sahu, Returning officers of various union councils and wards also remained vigilant to ensure smooth polling in district while a company of army kept visiting polling stations which faced some troubles.



In Toba Tek Singh, polling for the second phase of LB elections remained mostly peaceful across the district, except some minor incidents of violence.

In Chak 295/GB Barianwala, supporters of independent candidate attacked the workers of rival candidates. Due to which a person was injured. In Kamalia’s Ward No-13, in a scuffle among workers of the PTI and PML-N, three N activists were injured seriously. Some PTI activists were also arrested by the Kamalia City Police for the incident. Faisalabad Division Commissioner Naseem Nawaz and RPO Ihsan Tufail also visited different polling stations. Toba Tek Singh DPO Rana Shahzad Akbar also patrolled different areas of the city and district and observed security measures. PTI leader and former district nazim Ch Ashfaq and former MNA Riaz Fatyana have blamed that rigging on a large scale has been done by the PML-N candidates with the connivance of the polling staff.

In Chak 295/JB Devi Daspur, no woman could cast vote as the villagers have mutually decided that women would not go to polling station.

Heart patient dies due to polling station at DHQ Hospital

In Hafizabad, more than 40 supporters of both the PTI and PMN-N including MPA Asadullah Arain, his gunman and a lady constable were injured in scuffles and brawls at different polling stations in the district.However, there no major incident has been reported till the filing of the report.

According to sources, PML-N MPA Asadullah Arain visited Geegay village polling station where the PTI workers allegedly attacked them with clubs and stones. As a result four persons including the MPA and his gunman suffered minor injuries. The attackers also smashed five vehicles of MPA motorcade. Heavy police contingent and army rushed to the spot and the police have arrested 10 persons from both the groups on charges of hooliganism. The polling resumed after half an hour at the polling station.

The police also arrested PML-N candidate Shaoib Tarar, his rival independent candidate Sarwar and six supporters of both groups on the charges of creating scene at the polling station. The candidates and supporters fell upon each others with clubs, fists and chairs in Ward No-l polling station in Hafizabad city. As a result, four workers including a lady constable were injured. Both the candidates accused each other of casting bogus votes which led to the scuffle. The polling also remained suspended for about half an hour at the clash.

In Kaseesay polling station, the supporters of PTI and PML-N clashed as a result of which l0 persons received minor injuries. Four persons of both the major parties were injured in a free of all clash between them in Baleke area. In Thatha Mehman, Maqsooda Bhattian, Madrhianwala and other polling stations 21 persons were also reportedly injured in the election scuffle. No one was seriously injured.

The police made elaborated arrangements and the personnel of Army and Rangers also patrolled the whole district while the Quick Response Teams reached the place of tension promptly.

According to DPO Shaker Hussain Dawar, overall situation in the district remained calm and peaceful, except sporadic minor incidents in the city and rural areas. He said that there was incident of aerial firing and ban on display of weapons was strictly implemented.

As the DHQ Hospital was also made polling station, the outdoor patients suffered a lot. One heart patient, Muhammad Afzal of Amrao Kalan was brought to the hospital but died in the hospital before any medical aid could be rendered to him due to absence of doctors. The villagers protested against the irresponsible behaviour of the authorities for making the hospital premises as polling station and depriving the patients of medical treatment.The turnout is expected to be more than 50 percent in the district.



In Khanewal, the voting process concluded at 5:30pm but people present at the polling stations were allowed to cast their votes. It was for the first time in the history of village Mohripur UC- 25 Mari Sahu, Tehsil Kabirwala that women cast their votes. In the past, the woman voters had been barred from casting votes at Mohripur with mutual understanding the residents of the village. Though the polling for the second phase of LB elections remained overall peaceful, dozens of people received minor injuries during scuffles among supporters and workers of rivals political parties.

At some polling station, polling had to be suspended for some time due to misprint of electoral symbols.

According to Khanewal DPO Jahanzeb Nazir, overall the law and order situation remained satisfactory across the district and no major incident occurred. DCO Khalid Mehmood Sh and the DPO visited various polling stations across the district and observed the polling process.



In Wazirabad, the polling for three Municipal Committees - Wazirabad, Alipur Chattha and Gakkhar Mandi and 26 union councils remained peaceful. Sporadic minor incidents, however, took placed but no serious was reported. The City Police arrested six persons including a woman on the charge of creating disturbance during polling process. There was tough contest between the PML-N and ML-J in rural areas while among the N-League, Azad Group comprising J-League, JI and MWM in urban areas. The police also arrested a woman and booked her on the charge of threatening Presiding Officer and pelting bricks in Ward No-26 Wazirabad.

The City police arrested two persons from polling station No-26, trying to disturb the polling process. Both the persons are said to be of supporters of PTI candidate Riasat Rehmani. The City Police also arrested two persons of N-League who were making photo of voters while stamping the ballots at a combined polling station in Ward No-30 and 27.

There were also incidents of minor clash in other areas, however, over all the polling remained peaceful. The turnout is expected to be above 50 percent and up to 70 percent in some wards.

Suspect arrested in Kamalia search op

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A suspected terrorist was arrested and a suspicious bag was recovered from his possession here on Thursday.

Police sources said that personnel of the intelligence agencies conducted an operation in Khursheedabad locality of Kamalia. During search, a suspected terrorist was detained. A suspicious bag was also recovered from his possession.

The suspect has been shifted to an undisclosed location for further interrogation.

Contests on Iqbal’s poetry held



The teachings of Allama Iqbal (RA) are like a beacon of hope in the to maintain tolerance, brotherhood, peace and stability in the society, speakers of a competition said here on Tuesday.

The competitions on the works of the Poet of the East was held at the SCCI Auditorium in connection with Iqbal’s birthday. Addressing the participants, Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) President Mansur Ahmed said that the national youth should transform themselves into Iqbal’s philosophy and strive for recognition and promotion of selfhood. He emphasised austerity envisioned by Allama Iqbal.

The SCCI president said that Allama Iqbal was one of the great men who dreamt of Pakistan. “We must create a society according to the vision of the great poet, who gave the idea of separate homeland for the Muslims of the Subcontinent for practicing Islamic values and culture there,” he said.

On the occasion, SCCI Farogh-e-Iqbal Committee Chairman Ibne Iqbal Syed that Allama Iqbal’s philosophical and human approach to save the Muslims from degradation and deprivation is still a source of strength and guidance for the nation.

He said that the nation owes freedom to the vision of Allama Muhammad Iqbal and the best way to pay tributes to Iqbal was to understand his message.

Sheikh Ejaz Ahmed Jammu said that the need for understanding the message of Islam. The students from different schools participated in speeches and Kalam-e-Iqbal contests. Later, the certificates and prizes were distributed to the winners.

ECP issues final list of DG Khan candidates



The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has issued the final list of candidates taking part in the third phase of local government elections in Dera Ghazi Khan district.

According to the final list, a total of 520 joint candidates of chairman/vice chairman are contesting in the district DG Khan including 429 for District Council and 91 for Municipal Corporation. Similarly, for Municipal Committees of Kot Chutta and Taunsa Sharif, 53 and 98 candidates are contesting on general seats respectively.

A total 599 candidates of chairman and vice chairman had filed their nomination papers out of which 21 papers were rejected and 56 candidates withdrew their papers. Thus, the remaining 520 joint candidates are contesting in District DG Khan.

For Municipal Corporation DG Khan, a total 102 joint candidates of chairman / vice chairman filed their nomination papers out of which 05 papers were rejected and 06 candidates withdrew. Now 91 joint candidates are in run, while 03 female candidates of chairman and one female candidate of vice chairman are also contesting on general seats.

As many as 437 candidates of general councilor had filed their nomination papers out of which 31 papers were rejected, 38 candidates withdrew and 2 candidates have been elected unopposed. Now, the remaining 373 candidates including 6 female candidates are contesting for general seats in Municipal Corporation.

For district council, a total of 497 joint candidates of chairman/vice chairman had filed their nomination papers out of which 16 papers were rejected and 50 candidates withdrew. Now, 429 joint candidates are in the race.

Likewise, 2,648 candidates of general councillor had filed their nomination papers out of which 306 papers were rejected, 232 candidates withdrew and 49 candidates have been elected unopposed. Now, 2,142 candidates including 5 female candidates are contesting for general seats in District Council DG Khan.

For 20 wards of Municipal Committee Taunsa Shairf, 117 candidates of general councillor had filed their nomination papers out of which 14 papers were rejected, 7 candidates withdrew. Now, 98 candidates are contesting in Municipal Committee including one female candidate on general seat.

For 13 wards of Municipal Committee Kot Chutta, 75 candidates of general councillor had filed their nomination papers out of which 07 papers were rejected, 14 candidates withdrew, 01 candidates has been elected unopposed. Now 53 candidates are contesting in Municipal Committee.

Work at Rs6b ADB project speeds up



The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has expedited the work of its project aimed to make Sialkot a model district at a cost of Rs6 billion.

The ADB has completed basic work and jazzed up the pace of work, said the district administration. ADB launched the project following the industrial, export and cultural significance of Sialkot, he added talking to newsmen.

He added that the Punjab government had prepared a feasibility report for the construction of an overhead bridge at Sialkot city’s Sublime Chowk with spending of Rs200 million to ensure the smooth flow of traffic in the city. The district coordination officer said that three plans were under consideration for establishing an international standard Ring Road around the Sialkot city with a total cost of Rs40 million.

He said that the construction would soon be started on the project after selection of a feasible plan. He said that the planning and execution of “Master Plan for Sialkot City Expansion” would also be started in near future. He said that Sialkot was recently selected by the Punjab government for making it a developed model district under the supervision of Asian Development Bank (ADB).

He said that under the project the system of the solid waste management in Sialkot would be revamped, local transport system would be made better, clogged water supply and sewage systems would also be revamped, the geometry of all the inter-city roads of Sialkot would be redesigned, traffic lights and signal systems on roads and streets would be rectified and upgraded, besides, ensuring the institutional development in Sialkot.

He added that Sialkot’s famous Anwaar Club Auditorium was also under the focus of the district administration, which would soon be expanded to maximise the facilities there in active collaboration with the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI). He said that district administration was trying to resolve the burning issue of the encroachments in active cooperation of the Markazi Anjuman Tajraan Sialkot.

Encroachments remain major headache in Sialkot



Encroachments in almost all the residential, commercial and industrial areas here are creating difficulties for the people especially motorists and pedestrians and causing traffic jams.

These encroachments, that are unchecked by the district and tehsil administration which, are irking the people and traders. The perturbed people said that most of the encroached areas were lying under the nose of the administration of Sialkot and Sialkot Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) Sialkot as well.

They said that illegal parking lots for rickshaws on Sialkot city’s almost on the main roads including Allama Iqbal Chowk, Railway Road, Mujahid Road, Kutchery Road, Khadim Ali Road, Hajipura Road, Kashmir Road, Defence Road, Pasrur Road and Paris Road are the main cause of traffic jams.

Sialkot city’s congested areas including Chowk Shaheedaan, Tehsil Bazaar, Bano Bazaar, Bazaar Khateekaan, Trunk Bazaar, Muslim Bazaar, Lehaayi Bazaar, Hajipura, Naikapura , Gohdpur, Commissioner Road, Daska Road, Muzaffarpur, Pakka Garha and Fatehgarh were in the grip of encroachments.

Traders, politicians and common public have expressed grave concern over the situation. They demanded early removal of the encroachments from Sialkot city.

When contacted, Sialkot DCO said that the issue of encroachments was being resolved in active cooperation with the traders in Sialkot.

LB polls’ third-phase canvassing picks up



The political parties’ and independent candidates accompanied by their supporters have started door-to-door campaign seeking votes for the local bodies elections to be held on December 5.

They carry the models of their electoral symbols as gift to their voters and supporters. A great political hustle and bustle is being witnessed everywhere there in Sialkot district, as the main political parties including PML-N and PTI are also airing their party songs on loudspeakers. All the candidates are trying to prove themselves as the true servants of the people.

The election fever is intensifying day by day in Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur tehsils as the electioneering is also gaining momentum ahead of the local bodies elections in the third phase.

Almost all the boundary walls of the houses in streets and along the roads have been covered by colourful posters, portraits, banners, stickers and giant flexes by the candidates belonging to all the main political parties including PML-N , PTI, PPP and JI, their voters and supporters.

The candidates have also decorated their election halls with the giant party flags and their electoral symbols as well besides displaying the giant portraits of their party leaders. The candidates serve hot soups, Jalebies, Pakoras and tea to their voters and supporters at their election halls.

The independent candidates are also not living behind in the race. They are also having political hustle bustle in and around their election halls with the loud drumbeats by the performing drummers as well.

Most of the candidates are hopeful to win, saying that the Biradarism plays vital role in the politics. All the main parties including PML-N, PTI and PPP claim to give tough time to their rivals.

Daniyal speaks of farmers’ prolonged woes



MNA Daniyal Aziz claimed that finding a solution to the growers’ prolonged problems was the top priority of the government.

Talking to the different delegations of party workers and farmers at his residence at Shakargarh, Aziz said that the dream of economic development and stability could never become true without the development of agriculture sector.

He said the prosperity of Pakistan was closely linked with the prosperity of the farmers. He said that the Kisaan Package was an unprecedented financial support to the farmers, adding that they played a key role in strengthening the national economy.

He said those opposing the PM’s Kissan Package are the enemy of farmers. He added that the government was fully aware of problems of the farmers.

He said that the package would also give a boost to the national agro based economy besides helping a lot to pull the farmers’ community out of the prevailing financial crisis. “No government has ever announced such a huge package for farmers in the history of Pakistan,” he added.

He narrated that despite the “negative” propaganda of its political opponents the PML-N government was successfully delivering and was moving on the right lines and directions towards the goal of national economical and political stability. He said that the government was coming up to expectations of the masses.

He said that the relief package has been designed in four parts, with the first part being direct financial cooperation for farmers, second being relief in agricultural costs, third being provision of agricultural loans and fourth being facilitating the process of obtaining loans.

Under the package, small rice farmers would be provided Rs5, 000 per acre cash support. The cash assistance of Rs5,000 has been announced for cotton growers as well, he added.

A reduction in the prices of fertilisers has also been announced under the Kissan Package, he said, and narrated that Rs341 billion relief package for small farmers including direct cash support and provision of soft agriculture loans.

He said the package was aimed at introducing progressive agriculture on scientific lines, reducing production cost of crops and making the small farmers prosperous. He said the country’s development was directly related to the uplift of its agriculture sector, particularly farmers.

He said under the package, small farmers would get Rs147 billion as direct benefit while Rs 194 billion had been allocated for agriculture loans. He said that the government had already set up a Rs20 billion fund to reduce prices of fertilisers which will lessen Rs500 per bag of Potassium and Nitrate fertilisers. Also, the government was negotiating with local fertilisers manufacturers and gas companies to revert the increase in prices which had gone up by Rs 200 per bag.

The Punjab government would distribute Rs923.8 million to Narowal district’s 43,000 farmers under the Kisaan Package, he added.

Solution to business woes vowed



Chief Commissioner Inland Revenue Imran Raza Kazmi has said that all the tax related problems of exporters would be solved by taking them into confidence under the supervision of Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI).

He pledged early clearance of all the prolonged pending sales tax claims to enable the exporters to work hard with full devotion, dedication and complete peace of mind for increasing the national exports.

He made the assurance while discussing the matters of mutual interest with Sialkot exporters during his visit to SCCI where SCCI President Mansur Ahmed, SVP Sarfraz Butt, VP Syed Ehtesham Mazhar Gillani, Zulfiqar Zaidi were also present.

The chief commissioner pledged to make efforts for simplification in the tax collection system of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) besides making it easier for giving maximum relief to the community. He said that all the pending cases of sales tax would be cleared as soon as spossible and the step would be helpful in assuring the smooth flow of capital in Sialkot’s export oriented industries. He also assured the exporters to make efforts to resolve the prolonged delayed issues of income tax and sales tax refund claims.

Protest as professor killed in Jhang



The Professors and Lecturers Association took out a protest rally and staged a sit-in in front of Government Post Graduate College against the murder of Associate Professor Azhar Khan Sial.

They demanded early arrest of the killer(s). The rally was taken out in the leadership of the divisional president of Professors and Lecturers Association. The rally started from Adhiwal Chowk Jhang and passing through different routes reached Ayoub Chowk Jhang. They stopped traffic on the roads. A large number of professors, Lectures, teachers and student of different colleges and schools of district Jhang attended the rally.

At Ayoub Chowk, they again staged a sit-in and leaders of professors and Lectures Association including Secretary General and Divisional president addressed the rally. They warned the administration that all colleges and schools of district Jhang will remain close till the culprits involved in the murder are arrested. Later, the participants of rally dispersed peacefully.

RO seeks action against presiding officer

Police fail to recover 536 stolen ballots



Police have failed to recover 536 ballot papers that were stolen from Ward 5 of Municipal Committee Vehari on October 31, 2015.

Returning officer Mian Azhar had filed an FIR with Danewal police station about the theft of the ballot papers against the unknown thieves. These ballot papers were stolen on October 31, 2015 but the presiding officer informed him on November 2, 2015 is was the violation of election rules and negligence of the presiding officer Muhammad Latif, the RO said.

In FIR, the returning officer urged to take action against the presiding officer according to law because the protection of the ballot papers was the responsibility of the said presiding officer.

According to the FIR, the stolen ballot papers’ detail as under: Book 13(1274 to 1300), Book14 (1354 to 1400), Book 16 (1,517 to 1600), Book 15 (1423 to 1500), Book 11, 18 and 19 (1,601 to 1,900).

The presiding officer was of the view that election process was held in peaceful manner and after the announcement of election result extra ballot papers were kept by him under a table in an envelope. He added that some irrelevant persons without permission entered the polling station and stole hat ballot papers. Investigation Officer Javed ASI said that no person has been arrested so far.

DEFECTION: Malik Jamshed Ahmed, PPP leader from PP-276 Chanigoth, Uch Sharif, has joined Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf. He called on former MNA and PTI leader Arif Aziz Sheikh at his Chanigoth residence and announced his decision to part his ways with the Pakistan People’s Party.

Jamshed expressed his full confidence in the leadership of PTI Chairman Imran Khan and vowed to support the PTI candidates contesting in the local bodies polls in PP-267. He paid rich tributes to Aziz Sheikh for his services which he had rendered for the uplift of NA-183 Ahmedpur East during his tenure.

Political hustle and bustle at its peak in Ahmedpur

Neck and neck contests likely between N, PTI



The electioneering for the third phase of the local bodies elections to be held on December 5 has accelerated with convening of corner meetings while neck and neck contests are expected among PML-N, PTI and independents.