ISLAMABAD - Wapda Union has demanded security for its staff carrying out operations against power theft in the country. “There have been numerous cases where Wapda employees were killed or tortured when they tried to stop power theft. Those participating in operation against powerful thieves should be provided proper protection,” said Khursheed Ahmed, Wapda union officials, while addressing a press conference on Thursday.

The briefing was arranged at the Ministry of Water and Power, after the union delegation held a meeting with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. 

Flanked by Secretary Water and Power Younis Dagha, the officials announced calling off their long strike against privitisation of distribution companies but avoided disclosing about their understanding with government on privitisation issue.

The PM has constituted a committee which will examine the complaints of Union and will submit a report in this regard, the officials said.

During the meeting focus was on power theft. Any company performing good is due to its staff and if any distribution company has more lines losses or theft or low recoveries, it is also due to its staff, we will revamp board of directors of power companies, where employees will have their presentation, Dagha said.

Power theft is a serious issue and has been admitted by Minister of Water and Power and State Minister at different forums including Standing Committees.

According to NEPRA record, the power theft ratio in some distribution companies is very high. In Sukher Electric Power Supply Company due to illegal connections, half of the total electricity is stolen and the burden of payments is put on remaining 50 per cent consumers who pay their bills.

During the media briefing, Dhaga said that government was aware of the severity of power theft issue and will bring changes in legislation to curb the maniac. Electricity amendment act will be tabled in Senate and after approval it will be implemented, Dhaga said.

After the announcement of calling off the strike from union, all the Wapda staff will resume their duties from Friday.

All operations including billing, meter reading and bill distribution will start from Friday throughout the country.