A few days ago I read an article published in Daily Jang in which the writer criticized the Punjab Government for appointing junior officers on senior posts. I think what matters is the outcome, the competency and ability of those who are at the helm of affairs, and not grades because running an office without competence is as much a sin as competence without confidence. While appointing officials on important positions, I believe, the Punjab Government under the leadership of Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif is well aware that there is no substitute for competence. CM Punjab has no idols. He admires work, dedication and competence. Therefore, ensuring that officers are competent and proficient is more important than their ranking.

Naturally, organizations want to pick the most competent candidates so there is no harm if Shahbaz Sharif has done the same by appointing junior officials on important posts. The criteria, I believe, for serving at high posts should be competence, courage and willingness to serve. We need to understand that when the competent men of the system are compelled to quit, the system will soon quit itself. Therefore, the need of the hour is to change this mindset only then Pakistan will be able to make progress by leaps and bounds.


Lahore, November 17.