The army has expressed its concern over the twisted story published on October 6 in the English newspaper, blaming the army Establishment for Pakistan isolation in the world as army is handling the foreign policy and not taking action against non-state militant outfits, which are alleged to be involved in terrorist’s attacks in India.  

The story provided evidence to India narrative that Pakistan is epicenter of terrorism. Those responsible for feeding this fabricated and false story, have ignored the sacrifices made by the army in fighting against terrorism for the last ten years. Why they ignored that BJP government is political wing of RSS, which ideology is based on terror and killing non Hindus. With Modi as chief minister of Gujarat was he not complicit in the genocide of Muslims? He was not declared a terrorist? What his government is doing in Kashmir Valley is it not state terrorism? Every thoughtful Pakistani knows, that the prime minister prefers to choose his personal interests over national interest.  

However, the Pakistan army is committed to protect the nation’s honor and every patriotic Pakistani is behind the army to eliminate hidden enemies of Pakistan. Why all the state and non-actors are entrenched in Punjab? Who stopped Punjab government not to takes actions against them? Is it not a political expediency because those who provide money to these organisations are PML-N voters and supporters? 


Lahore, October 18.