islamabad - The employees of Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) have expressed serious concerns over appointment of chief executive Rana Abdul Jabbar, saying that he got the position with recommendation from some one.

The engineers association said that the chief executive is a burden on the national exchequer and decided to observe strike over his appointment. According to IESCO employees, the chief executive has been appointed on political influence which was a violation of merit. They said that the chief executive passed the senior management course of Chief Engineer three months after his appointment as chief executive which is violation of the rules.

The engineers association has decided to protest against ‘bad attitude’ of Rana Abdul Jabbar with staff members.  The employees said that a junior officer has been appointed on the top post due to which the senior officers have stopped their work under his supervision therefore performance of the institution is on the downslide. Senior officers questioned that while that they were not still promoted to post of general manager, how come Rana Jabbar has become chief executive.